​​Movement Lesson™​

How to help a special child learn to move? With a Movement Lesson™? If you're looking to help your child with functional developmental movement, Michelle Turner, Movement Expert, gives you 3 reasons to enjoy the Movement Lesson™ therapy program.

Michelle Turner, Movement Lesson, gives a demonstration of working with breathing and lung function with a Movement Lesson. Here is one of many unique ways to work on improving breathing through the back and chest cavity. 

Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson shows you how your tailbone is an important factor in developmental movements in sitting. The video link with her working with a child go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgmTxe...

Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson demonstrates one of the many ways a pelvis can move.

Discover how your baby develops. Michelle Turner, Movement Lesson expert, helps to explain the significance of tummy time. Deviation from development starts at this young age in babies.