​​Movement Lesson™​

COMING SOON - App to develop visual and cognitive development.

The Evaluation and Stimulation of an Infant's Developmental Movements

The first guide with step-by-step videos and instructions on how to enhance your newborn baby's life. Newborn Movement Assessment helps assess and initiate the movements needed for your baby's development.

7 Essentials on Working with Your Special Child

7 Aspectos esenciales para trabajar con niños con necesidades especiales

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Learn to work with your child through 

playful movement. 

Helping the World Move Better

1. Diagnostico

​2. Estabilizando el Sistema Nervioso

​3. Movimiento 

​4. Como aprendemos mediante los sentidos

​5. Análisis del movimiento funcional

​6. Habilidades de transición

​7. No puedo vs no puedo

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Newborn Movement Assessment™

1. Diagnosis senses
2. Stabilizing the Nervous System
3. Muscle
4. How We Learn Through our Senses
5. Functional Movement Analysis 
6. Transition Skills
7. Can’t vs Can’t 

This guide was developed as a means of giving parents and professionals the ability to assess and assist their children through a simple, gentle touch.