​​Movement Lesson™​

Not the most flattering video - here I explain what one year development looks like from the video that is above. Michelle Turner, baby expert, has been following this little guy since he was a baby. He is so smooth!

Head Control Thru the Pelvis- Fun at Therapy

How can you change your baby's ability to increase their head control?  By showing them that they can move through their pelvis!! Every movement that a baby makes changes their life. By increasing their ability to create infant milestones through functional movement, you increase their cognitive abilities. Michelle Turner, baby expert, explains how you can increase your baby's life skills through gentle, powerful touch.

Here are a few examples of healthy development in a toddler going into her first year of life. Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson shows how to touch your child and appreciate subtle movement that should be present. 


Your Baby- 1 Year

One Year - Your Baby's Development 

How do you influence your child's develop from the very beginning? With movement! Michelle Turner, baby expert, explains how all the wonderful things that happen during the first year can affect your child's life skills.