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I'm so excited to announce my new Movement Lesson™ Laser Series. Movement Lesson™ enhanced with cold laser therapy to generate aspects of the cellular and molecular mechanisms needed for core movement integration. Full protocols will be available January 2020. Here is a sample video of the protocol videos. The laser will be included with the protocols. However, pre-purchase is available. For those that continue with the ML™ Laser series - the account will be credited with the device purchase. 

About the device: Cold Laser Therapy Device Semiconductor Treatment Instrument with three 808nm laser beam and twelve 650nm laser beam for a total maximum power 510mV. It has pulse and continuous working mode available. 

Battery capacity: built-in lithium battery 5200 mAh
Laser wavelength: 808 nm and 650 nm
Case Material: ABS
Lens Material: tempered glass
Maximum power: 2.4 W
Working mode: Pulse mode and continuous mode
Using time: 3-4 hours
Terminal laser output: 3 laser beams with 808 nm, 12 laser beams with 650 nm
Time setting:15-60 minutes
Total power: 510 mW

$450 USD with free shipping

Movement Lesson™ Laser Series

A. Do not shine the cold laser into the eyes. The collimated light of a cold laser beam can damage the retina. Be especially cautious of children playing in the area of the laser and aware of their position at all times.  Glasses/goggles can be purchased for eye protection if desired.  

B. Keep the laser out of reach of children.

C. If the individual has light-induced seizures, use caution when choosing between the intermittent and constant beam modes. 

D. Avoid direct laser exposure to the abdomen of a pregnant woman.

E.  When starting with the laser, begin with low-power and short-time to get used to the laser and progress from there.

F. Consult a physician before using the laser on areas with known cancerous tumors or lesions.

G. Avoid direct laser exposure to the fontanels of an infant skull.

H. If you have concerns regarding the use of a cold laser with or regarding your specific conditions, consult a physician.

Biostimulation lasers, also called low level laser therapy (LLLT), cold lasers, soft lasers, or laser acupuncture devices, were cleared for marketing by FDA through the Premarket Notification/510(k) process as adjunctive devices for the temporary relief of pain. These clearances were based on the presentation of clinical data to support such claims. FDA will consider similar applications for these and other claims with the decision to require clinical data being made on an individual basis, taking into consideration both the device and the claim.


States regulate who can use lasers for various therapeutic procedures. Medical lasers are prescription devices available for sale only to licensed practitioners. You should check with your state medical licensing board to determine who qualifies as a licensed practitioner in your state.


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Cold Laser Therapy Device Semiconductor Treatment Instrument