Movement Lesson™​

I'm so excited to announce my new Movement Lesson™ Laser Series. Movement Lesson™ enhanced with cold laser therapy to generate aspects of the cellular and molecular mechanisms needed for core movement integration. Full protocols will be available late summer 2019. Here is a sample video of the protocol videos. The laser will be included with the protocols. However, pre-purchase is available. For those that continue with the ML™ Laser series - the account will be credited with the device purchase. 

About the device: Cold Laser Therapy Device Semiconductor Treatment Instrument with three 808nm laser beam and twelve 650nm laser beam for a total maximum power 510mV. It has pulse and continuous working mode available. 

Battery capacity: built-in lithium battery 5200 mAh
Laser wavelength: 808 nm and 650 nm
Case Material: ABS
Lens Material: tempered glass
Maximum power: 2.4 W
Working mode: Pulse mode and continuous mode
Using time: 3-4 hours
Terminal laser output: 3 laser beams with 808 nm, 12 laser beams with 650 nm
Time setting:15-60 minutes
Total power: 510 mW

$450 USD with free shipping

Movement Lesson™ Laser Series

Cold Laser Therapy Device Semiconductor Treatment Instrument