​​Movement Lesson™​

Movement Lesson™ a

Lesson in Milestone Movements

Parents and professionals, from all over the world, rely on the ease and efficiency of Movement Lesson™. That is why I'm continually expanding my vast on-line video academy. Any type of movement or milestone that you are working with, is covered on my instructional subscriptions site.

The basis or core of the ML™ modality is a gentle touch with functional, rotational movements. The word functional defines movement is its beginning stages or initiation of a movement needed to create a milestone. Since all videos are based on 'functional' movement, then almost all of the ML video library can work with your present 'movement' situation or question.

There are a few staples in the ML library:

  • Learning Touch
  • Initiate a Gentle, Healthy Touch

Evaluation of your movement needs does not depend or is on a basis of a diagnosis(s) but on the level of functional movement(s). There are 15 key points of rotation that process functional movement in our bodies. When those points are injured, traumatized or nonexistant, our ability to move or to create movement is inhibited. 

Learn to touch and understanding our origins of movement through newborns. They have a much higher water weight of 85% versus 60-65%. Larger amount of bones of in a baby (270) versus an adult (206). In addition, our proportions change as we increase calcification and densities.