​​Movement Lesson™​

Michelle Turner, Baby Expert, discusses a key foundation in movement at the 2 month level. ATNR is a functional developmental movement pattern that is required for the pre-crawl milestone. The second video is https://youtu.be/r-lYmVAHyRk

Changing Movement 

Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson talks the differences of working with lift versus transferring movement with rotation in movement with children with cerebral palsy. 

The Beginnings of Crawling

Help your baby learn to crawl. Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson is describing one of many ways she works with infants in helping initiate movements in crawling. 

Helping your Baby with Back Arching

Michelle teaches on thoughts for specific rotation through the chest cavity and functional movement. Notice as the young toddler crosses midline in many parts of her body. 

Michelle Turner, Movement Lesson expert, demonstrates how you can work with your child who is having trouble rolling over due to arching and hyper-extending their back.

Changing Infant Development with a Movement Lesson

How does your baby start to learn? Through their sub-senses! A typical response to the opposition to gravity is the initiation and the response to all the sub-senses of balance, counterbalance, gravity (succumbing and opposing), rotation, temperature, acceleration, pain, proprioception (kinesthetic sense) and spacial orientation. 

Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson talks about developmental movements in babies under the age of six months. She also explains how a baby who is visual and/or hearing impaired has difficulties establishing crucial movement patterns. For more information on working with Michelle and getting a Movement Lesson, go to www.movementlesson.com. 

This is a full, one hour session with Michelle. She is working with a four month old with minor torticollis. Watch and appreciate how his developmental movements change. Just imagine how we could redirect efforts in Early Intervention if every child had a Movement Lesson.