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I'm so Grateful for you. Because of that gentle touch I can live pain free and understand how to move for a better life. Love You Michelle
​- Patti

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10 - 1 Hour Movement Lesson sessions

ANY adult can benefit from a Movement Lesson™ session(s) with or without a diagnosis. When you come for a week that includes ten Movement Lesson™ sessions, we can help you build your strategy and give you solid advice on reaching a functional ease of movement. However, daily implementation is recommended for continued progress and growth. 

Movement Lesson™ Session

1 Hour Movement Lesson

Learn the tips and tricks to to help you move into tomorrow.  A Movement Lesson™ session shows you how to target pain and lack of movement to realistic transitions into functional movement that is required in your daily life.

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Movement Lesson™ class

New to Movement Lesson™? Did you come here to help your child grow and develop? Want to enhance your gentle, powerful touch. Michelle Turner offers a unique opportunity for your ML sessions. Class is held Thursday mornings from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM to review specific movement possibilities for your child.

Thank you for today’s visit. You asked in the beginning to leave you any feedback. Well, today I left more relaxed and with a lot less pressure then when I came in. I didn’t realize how tight or tense I was till after the visit, I just knew I was sore. I feel like a noodle now. 😊

I could feel a certain disk/vertebrae around C5 that felt off/out of place and full of pressure while you were moving me while I was laying on either side in the same area on the left side of my neck. Same with my the left side above or near my coccyx, a pressure of “well something in there is wrong”. I thought it was interesting to feel those continuously as if those were the problem areas and you were working them out.

Again, thank you so much for today’s visit. You’re awesome!

​- Danielle