Mr. Enrique Pisani


​Movement Lesson™ Practitioners in Arizona

​Mr. Stewart Hamblin

Ms. Carolyn Nyland

I became a Movement Lesson™ practitioner 3 years, when I saw the power of ML, not just for children, but adults. I was days away from having  surgery in my shoulder when I decided to come to Michelle. After my first session, I couldn't believe how gentle touch took my pain away, and so I wanted to learn all about it.  

Claudia Carmack 


Felipe Perez


Ms. Joanna Graham

California (San Francisco)

I brought my son to Movement Lesson 7 years ago and have been practicing ever since. Three years ago I became a certified practitioner and have been working and learning from Michelle. As a result, my son has done what many doctors said he wouldn't be able to do and it's all thanks to Movement Lesson. 

I created Movement Lesson 11 years ago, after trying a variety of therapies and getting no results. My son had over 20 surgeries and Doctor's weren't giving me any hope. Since then my son has gone from a non-verbal 4-year-old to a honors student. Today, Movement Lesson™ continues to help children like my son and parents like myself, discouraged and hopeless. 

​Practitioners Around the World

Ms. Savithri Selvaraga

Michelle Turner 


USA (Berthold, Colorado)

India (Chennai)

Phuong Ha

Ms. Magda Gorecka



USA (Boulder, Colorado)