Baby Basics 101 - 8 Months Old

Michelle Turner, baby expert, takes a moment to observe an 8 month old to watch how she works with her vision and developmental movement.

Baby Basics 101 - Crossing Midline in Breathing for Newborns

Michelle Turner, baby expert, talks about the importance for a baby to learn to breathe in all directions. This video also stresses the importance of tummy time for your newborn baby

​​Movement Lesson™​

Baby Basics 101 - Learning How to See in a Child of Special Needs

Michelle Turner and Diane Peña are working with an infant (almost 3 months of age) with torticollis. Quickly, they realize that he's not tracking an object. As Michelle works with the function of his system, Diane is stimulating eye movement. In less that twenty minutes, his vision kicks in and he learns to follow an object and starts to re-correct his torticollis. He is a twin, born at 36 weeks. He spent 5 days in a NICU. His brother was evaluated during the same session.


This week’s campers voted to end the week with a relay race, followed by a campfire cookout. Four teams of runners competed for an after-dinner ride around . .