Balance Through the Pelvis in an Infant and Adult

Michelle explains how she works with movement in a six month old and incorporates it into a session with an adult. Here she shows one of the possibilities to integrate balance through the pelvis so the underlying leg can be incorporated to the pre-crawl and getting to all fours.

Redirecting Autism & ADD in Infants

Michelle Turner, baby expert, talks about key signs of Autism and ADD as developmental movements in infants. Working on movement in infants creates neurological changes that can change their lives. 

Baby Basics 101 - 6 months old

Michelle Turner, baby expert, is demonstrating on a six month old on the basics of balance and responsive touch. For every action there is a reaction, especially true with the human body. 

Baby Basics 101 - Balance  at Six Months Old

Michelle Turner, baby expert, gives a Movement Lesson to a six month old. He was full term, vaginal delivery and no drugs. She discusses all the qualities of movement that you should be experiencing and looking for in your baby at six months.

​​Movement Lesson™​