Baby Basics 101 - Beginning Movement Lesson™

Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson shows you how you can do a very simple lesson with your baby at any age. This can been done as they are falling asleep or you're shopping at your favorite store.​

Understanding Vestibular Development in an Infant

Michelle Turner, baby expert, shows you how a baby's vestibular develops in an infant.

​​Movement Lesson™​

Helping Torticollis with a Movement Lesson™

Does your baby have torticollis? Do they favor facing one side? Do they have a hard time turning their head?A newborn baby should be able to respond to stimuli through the right as well as to the left. When the neck has torticollis - not only does this set up abnormal neck muscles - it effects all movement through their body especially vision.

Movement in an Infant's Upper Back

Michelle Turner, baby expert, explains how a baby learns through laying and rolling around. ​

Baby Basics 101 - Your 5 Month Old Baby

New to Movement Lesson™? Did you come here to help your child grow and develop? Michelle Turner, baby expert, works with a little girl when a mom has concerns that she's stiff. In this video, she is working with the developmental milestones and baby movements of a 5 month old. This is clip is from a full one hour Movement Lesson from beginning to end.