​​Movement Lesson™​

Baby Basics 101 - Helping Your Newborn Baby's Head Movements

Michelle Turner, baby expert, is following two babies (with and without birth trauma). Movement through the head is essential to all your baby's future movement. It is also way to enjoy working with your baby's head. 

Baby Basics 101 - Baby Feet - One Week Old

Michelle Turner, baby expert, explores development with a one week old infant. This is the perfect opportunity to stimulate movement organization. I

Baby Basics 101 - Crossing Midline in Breathing for Newborns

Michelle Turner, baby expert, talks about the importance for a baby to learn to breathe in all directions. This video also stresses the importance of tummy time for your newborn baby

One Month Baby - First Stages of Child Development

Michelle Turner, baby expert, talks you through basic baby observation. He's one month old and just hanging out with his mother.