My child is not going to lay on the table for an hour.

I wouldn't expect them to.  Children get to move and play with toys.  That's why they see results so quickly.  They're moving and using the information immediately.

Do you have a question that I didn't answer?

Fill out the contact sheet and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You are more than welcome to call me at 602.909.2565.

How do i get a Movement Lesson? 

A Movement Lesson with Michelle M. Turner 


How long is a Movement Lesson?

One session is almost an hour long. 

Will it hurt or be uncomfortable?

I don't allow pain or discomfort on my table.   The reason a Movement Lesson session works is because it's so slow and gentle.  Your brain quickly learns that I'm doing the movement on your skeletal system and central nervous system so it can let go of habitual or compulsive habits.  

What do I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing.  I will instruct you to take off your shoes, glasses and any large pieces of jewelry or belts.

Is it a massage?

No, but it will feel like one.  I don't work with your muscles.  I work with your skeletal system, central nervous system and your brain.  Your entire body will get a Movement Lesson.  You will quickly realize how my you use  your muscles in inappropriate ways.  As your system reorganizes, muscle uses change and disapate.  In most cases, you leave feeling very relaxed because your body is not working as hard as it used to for standing and other functions.

I want to work on very specific issues.

I'm here to help you achieve your best.  If you are a high-end performer (athlete, musician, etc), I will help you achieve goals that you didn't think were still possible.

What's a Movement Lesson