West Side Story
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

by Rusty Pile 

Speaker: Michelle M. Turner

We enjoyed a presentation given by Michelle Turner who is a movement and pain specialist. Michelle is a Movement Specialist adding to skeletal movement in our daily lives. She has shown us that with a few individualized modifications in the way we move, we can eliminate much of the unnecessary stresses we put on our bodies and nervous systems. For instance, she demonstrated with Ron Roderique how an issue he has been experiencing with his thumb could be a result in the way he moves his shoulder.

Michelle works with individuals of all ages from babies to the elderly, however she focuses much of her attention on individuals with chronic pain, disabilities and special needs. This stems from the work she has done with her own two children with special needs. After seeing first-hand what the Anat Baniel Method had done for her child, she decided to learn the method herself and devote her life to helping others.

Michelle, we thank you for giving your time to us and for giving of yourself to others in need.

If you would like more information, you can visit her website here or call Michelle at 602-909-2565.

West Side Rotary