A unique and considerate way of letting that special someone how important they are to you is through the feet.  We do very little to improve our feet other than learning how to walk and run.  Here are some great tips of making Valentine’s Day or any day more special. 

Touch – when someone is comfortable enough to be around you the actual art of touching is a dying art.  Take a moment and just hold the foot.  Don’t see the imperfections but that no other foot looks like this very foot that you are holding and let that person appreciate that you’re touching them.  Notice that they get calmer and their breathing changes to a slower, fuller rate.

Don’t rub or massage – most people’s feet can be quite sensitive.  A rub the wrong way can have them with giggles for hours vs. relaxation.  Gently place your thumb on the soul of the foot and your fingers on top.  You can use both hand, similar to the way you would hold a hamburger, and move the thumb up in unison with the top fingers. 

Don’t use force – when moving the foot. There are 26 bones in each foot and if they don’t want to move, they don’t want to move.  If you find that the foot doesn’t like to go up then go down.  Just explore, move then ankle a little to the right then a little to the left.  Feel if there is tension.  If there is, then move even slower and see if you can make an input that the area is moving more than it was a moment ago. 

Watch my video –  You can watch and easily learn how to work on your partner or child. 

I can’t touch feet – If your honey has a hard job and comes home with tired paws, you can make a day of it.  Send them out for a pedicure.  Better yet, go together.   Give them a tub coupon; put the kids to bed why they relax in the tub. You can put on a clean pair of socks. You can offer a great movement lesson with socks on. 

Set the mood – They are doing anything while you take a nice half hour working on their feet.  It’s a great opportunity to have gourmet coffee, chilled wine, chocolates or finger foods. 

Everyone has a pair of feet – Learning how to touch and take care of five toes is one of the most talents that you can offer.  From babies, to your child that can’t get to sleep or had a bad dream, to a dear friend in a hospital, you can make someone’s day anytime of the year.

Send them to me – I will gladly take care of your entire love one’s needs. 

Touch - Feet