At any given moment, your ability to move can change without notice. A career can be treated rather than threatened with Movement Lesson™.

  • Improve muscle and wound recovery
  • Same day post-op rehabilitation
  • Whole body and soft tissue
  • Decrease muscle soreness
  • Same-day changes in range of motion and rotation
  • Increased lung ability and stamina
  • Privacy

Game Changer

Movement Lesson™ is a method that allows your body to transform with increased balance and counterbalance. Key components need all the movement necessary to thrive with energy. Learn how you can initiate, stimulate and enhance your ability for structure and technique.

Movement Lesson™ Training:    $180.00

New to Movement Lesson™? Did you come here to help your daily routine? Want to enhance your muscle movement? ML™ offers a unique opportunity for your full workout sessions. Total program and review for specific movement gains in your life

Concentration - 10 sessions:    $1,200.00

Find every glitch in your body that’s preventing you from moving with the best. ML™ sessions create stamina, power, and drive. One week, ten Movement Lesson™ sessions. This includes your full sport evaluation to build your strategy and give you solid advice. However, daily implementation is recommended for continued progress and growth.

ML™ is a therapeutic approach to sports rehab optimizing an individual’s playing time. By assessing any weakness in the initiation of movement,  ML™ can identify and reinforce rotation within an action, increasing range of motion, power, and stamina.

ML™ Sport evaluation:           $250.00

Do you want two extra years on your playing time? Tired of working 60 plus hours a week without pain relief? Is what your doing just not working? A Movement Lesson™ evaluation overhaul shows you how to target pain and lack of movement into function and drive.

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Movement Lesson™ Sessions

Movement Lesson™​