The Heat is On! Tips for Surviving the Summertime

August 1, 2012
Hosted by Melissa Jenkins-Simon with Co-Host Diane Stafford and Executive Producer Eva Bowen

 Baseball and summer barbeques are two of Americans’ most beloved pastimes, but these traditions may involve eating foods that can induce heartburn symptoms — leaving people wincing in pain. It can seem nearly impossible to avoid heartburn-inducing foods, but there are a few healthy eating habits that may help. Dr. Tanja Gunsberger will share what foods to eat and what foods to avoid this summer. AND let’s face it – women are busy these days and one of the last things they think of is taking care of their bodies, especially their feet! Movement specialist, Michelle Turner, is an expert in feet and has the dos and don’ts for fabulous summer feet. PLUS your hair can survive and thrive despite the harsh weather. Hair expert Coco Sanders with Appearances Hair Design has the best ways to protect your hair and keep it healthy this summer, dos and don’ts for textured hair, and the hottest hair trends right now.

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