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Can't get to Movement Lesson™? Do you need to help  your child or your community? Not a problem because Michelle Turner can come to you. Have 24 hour support to help you provide Movement Lesson™ to the people in your life. Michelle offers the LARGEST source library of over 1,200 videos working with human movement.

Thank you so much! Your video library helps me a lot!

- Phuong

As a movement specialist with 13 years of training and hands-on experience, I have worked with countless infants to introduce normal developmental movement patterns.  Using touch-based movement lessons, I have firsthand experience in witnessing the results of initiating, enhancing and stimulating functional movement patterns that result in cognitive development. I specialize in working with developmentally delayed children who, as infants, often had missed signs of dysfunctional movement responses.  I often work with infants who are showing lack of response to external stimuli which can result in cognitive developmental delays. Using touch-based movement lessons with these infants, I then introduce foundational movement experiences that may have been missed at birth or negated in the first few months by restriction of movement. By introducing these foundational movement experiences, I am able to guide infants through the specific milestones outlined in this paper, often resulting in their ability to stimulate these milestones on their own and bypass cognitive developmental delays.