Seth, recovering from a Near Drowning, Getting a Movement Lesson with Vision

Learning How to See and Touch in a Child with Special Needs

Life as it is with a Near Drown Child

Seth Ryan Paschal

Near Drown 9/15/ 2002

For those of you reading this, I first want to explain to you what Near Drowning actually means…
Most people including us, that have a child who had a near drowning accident in the family had no idea what this meant before it happened to us!
I think the majority of us thought that either your child drowned or they survived and were fine….
Well, as the grandmother of a near drowning accident I can assure you there is an in-between that you never want to experience…

The Dr’s come to you and tell you the child will probably not make it, and if they do they will have severe brain damage and be in a coma or vegetative state the rest of their life…You stand there in shock as you hear these words, and you don’t hear anymore… Your heartbreaks, your tears start to fall, and then you realize you must think about making funeral arrangements, and everyday there is more bad news… Finally after weeks or months if you are one of the lucky ones the Dr’s say there is nothing more they can do….Take your child home, love him, and make him as comfortable as possible… No hope is given, no treatment recommended, there is nothing you can do…The brain is severely damaged and there is no time limit on the life he will live!

Seth Drowned that day, and was resuscitated after about 30 minutes...

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