Let’s face it – everyone is busy these days and one of the last things they think of is taking care of their bodies, especially their feet! Movement specialist, Michelle Turner, is not only an expert in feet, but has 5 great tips to alleviate pain in the lower back, hips and knees.

Gut the Closet – Do you remember your mom saying that there is nothing like a good tie shoe? Even if you go glam, give your feet a rest with the comfort and support that they need. Do you have shoes that just hurt? Toss them…if you have shoes that have worn out their welcome, it’s time to say good-bye! flip flops, stilettos etc…

These feet were made for walking – Getting your daily exercise is great for your feet and your entire body. If you are sitting behind a computer, you might only average 1000 to 3000 steps per day. Grab a pedometer and go for the 10,000 mark - having a long gate shows quality of foot function and balance. 

This simple lesson can help improve your stride: Stand in place (keep the back side of a chair or counter top available for support) slowly walk the right side out a step. Then go back to standing. Keep doing this several times until it feels more comfortable. Do this by stepping out to the side. After that feels comfortable, do this by taking a step back. After the right side feels comfortable, do this to the left side of your body. When the left side is done, walk freely and notice how this has helped your gate. Notice if your arms swing loosely on your sides. They should not be in a fixed position or with clenched hands.

Red means stop – If your feet are red, green and/or inflamed, make a call to your doctor or podiatrist (foot dr.) today. Letting a simple ingrown toenail get out of control could have you suffering for weeks. Many medical conditions, like Diabetes, show up in the feet and small blood vessels get interference from swelling and lack of movement.

Feet Like a Baby– Bad feet aren’t always due to age – many of us suffer from calluses, bunions and cracks. Drinking lots of water and weekly massage can do wonders to add vitality to the worst paws. Soak your feet in a bath or foot tub with Epson salt. When you’re done, sit on the edge of your bed and slowly rub oil into your feet moving your toes and arches. What a great way to take care of your partner after a long day

Orthotics – I’m not a fan of people putting a stiff piece of plastic in their shoes because orthotics limit function and variation. If you are using them to correct a pronation or other issues in your ankle/arch without addressing how you move your body in relation to the correction, you will cause problems in other areas of your body. However gel orthotics are a great way to have movement and support.