As a movement specialist, my goal is to provide my clients with the best possible learning experience.  Through my experience, I have found the greatest success comes through concentrated lessons.  Working with your child for 10 lessons over a 5 day period will allow him/her to achieve maximum results within the shortest time frame.  Consistency is a key factor for retention of the lessons.  The central theme of the movement lesson is repeated as new variations are introduced.  This provides the necessary reinforcement for sustained learning and skills advancement.

     Usually, after one week, your child will benefit from a short break which will allow him/her to utilize the downtime to experiment with these newly acquired skills and integrate them into everyday life.

     Conversely, if a child receives fewer lessons over an extended period of time, e.g. 1 lesson per week for several weeks, I find myself repeating a significant portion of the previous lesson due to a lack of timely, positive reinforcement.

     Another factor to consider is the potential reduction in other services and their associated cost.  Since my lessons cover a broad spectrum of learning (movement, vision, speech, etc.) many of my clients have reduced or eliminated other services, saving them both time and money.

     As each child is different, with unique needs, I always confer with his or her parents/ guardians as to the best course of lessons for the child.

Concentrated Lessons