Movement Lesson

ANY child can benefit from a Movement Lesson™ session(s). We can help you build your strategy and give you solid advice on reaching a functional developmental milestones and ease of movement. However, daily implementation is recommended for continued progress and growth. 

Movement Lesson has the largest library of working with the human body. Top training programs - Newborn Movement Assessment, Foundations in Touch and Introduction to Movement Lesson are included with individual session videos. 

Consultations are held via Skype in English (Spanish available upon request) . If you do not have a Skype account, please create a Skype account before signing up for our services.

Learn the tips and tricks to to help your child move into tomorrow.  A Movement Lesson™ session shows you how to target realistic transitions into functional movement to help your child grow and develop! Movement Lesson™ offers proven strategies that can HELP your child succeed.