Michelle Turner, a mother with two special needs children, has found a new, successful method for helping other disabled children and adults achieve a more rewarding life.  Through a series of gentle but highly effective movements her clients have made significant advancements in physical movement, spatial awareness and increased cognitive function. 

No one plans on having a family member succumb to a life with disabilities. It’s an entirely different world than normal life and often times it’s a cause or sickness that others find hard to understand. At Movement Lesson, Michelle M. Turner, Movement Specialist, uses gentle touch and movement to enable the child with special needs or a learning disability to improve physically, mentally and emotionally. This method provides children with experiences that give them an opportunity to upgrade their nervous systems.

Children with special needs are particularly receptive to the application of this method.  Each child is unique and will benefit from my personalized approach to address his or her specific needs.  Through a series of gentle, enjoyable movements, your child will display noticeable improvements in motion and awareness of his or her body.  A Movement Lesson has been proven to decrease pain, increase mobility and improve cognitive functions and communication skills

Children Getting a Movement Lesson