Out of necessity to help my globally delayed child, I have been able to create a special movement therapy or Movement Lesson™ that helps special needs children throughout the world. In most countries, a child that cannot sit at a desk and hold a pencil, do not qualify for educational services. I work seven days a week seeing children in my office and in different global locations with the hopes of establishing training centers throughout the United States and abroad. I have created 700 instructional videos to provide additional assistance to parents and professionals with limited resources due to medical and financial hardships to traditional therapies and medical attention. 

Through my instructional video series, you can learn to touch and apply the basics to advanced touch at Baby Movement Lesson. At this site you will find her instructional videos. Every month Michelle will be adding 5 hours of new video to this site. A monthly subscription is $5.00 and a yearly subscription is $50.Type your paragraph here.

Baby Movement Lesson