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ANY child can benefit from a Movement Lesson™ session(s). We can help you build your strategy and give you solid advice on reaching a functional developmental milestones and ease of movement. However, daily implementation is recommended for continued progress and growth. 

Do you need to know if your baby is ready for the world? Movement Lesson™ creates the first, real-time surface pressure distribution system that provides a complete, comprehensive guide for newborns, infants and toddlers. Early evaluation and Movement Lesson™ to improve detection and function in babies at-risk for Cerebral Palsy (CP) and other Neuro-muscular (genetic) Disorders. Expediting the birth/ diagnosis period by guiding parents through the un-known by creating a plan of action for their child’s immediate to long-term needs medically, developmentally and socially.

Movement Lesson™

Movement Lesson™ is a unique therapy method that offers newborns, children and adults opportunities to experience functional movement that they might not be able to initiate, stimulate or enhance through their own abilities. This creation combines a powerful, gentle touch with purposeful movement through the principles of counterbalance and rotation to create an individualized and profoundly effective lesson in movement.

Newborn Movement Assessment™

Do you need to know if your baby is ready for the world? The Newborn Movement Assessment™: The Evaluation and Stimulation of an Infant’s Developmental Movements is the first guide with step-by-step instructions on how to enhance your newborn baby’s development.

Newborn Movement Assessment™ (NMA) not only provides parents and professionals with the ability to assess an infant's movement patterns, but also supplies the necessary tools to stimulate optimal movement through gentle touch.

“Changing the way infants and children receive help to develop successfully throughout the world.”

Baby Basics instructional videos will teach you how to give your baby all the movement necessary to thrive through their functional developmental movements. Learn how your baby initiates, stimulates and enhances their ability to learn and develop. 

Movement Lesson™​