Lección de Movimiento™

Gravity Interaction Therapy

ANY child can benefit from a Movement Lesson™ session(s). We can help you build your strategy and give you solid advice on reaching a functional developmental milestones and ease of movement. However, daily implementation is recommended for continued progress and growth. 

The ere of many human concepts in the reliance of strength for optimal function. This is especially true for a child with special needs. It is within movement that the actions of momentum and mass are combined through the opposition to gravity that most effectively improves man’s mobility and cognitive function. 

I research movement patterns because I want to show how significant reaching foundational milestones is to successful cognitive development. Understanding the role of these milestones in children helps medical providers and parents understand how they can initiate, enhance and stimulate movement to advance their development. I have presented that man has overlooked key relationships of the human body and how it responds within these forces of nature rather than how it moves within its natural surroundings. The significance of these findings requires that man must rethink the origins of movement within the human body. The assumption that all of man’s inner abilities of movement are derived from muscle tissue is one of the largest fallacies in modern biophysics and gravitational sciences. In actuality, the organization of man’s cognitive and developmental movement patterns function within his ability to oppose gravity. The organization of a child's functions is due to the principle of the opposition of gravity. 

I use the terms development and developmental delays to signify expected or normal ranges of cognition and interactions with one’s environment, like counterbalance and reactions. Milestones are used to refer to my conceptual framework of normal movement achievements which will assist medical providers and parents in identifying and organizing observed movement pattern. 

Astro Therapy Concentration - 10 sessions:    $900.00

ANY child can benefit from Movement Lesson™ session(s). Complete your concentration of Movement Lesson™ with Astro therapy sessions. There is no reason to work with programs that require you or your child to work with weight-bearing exercises with increased complexities of additional gravity when they are unable to create the needed weight-transfer skills in opposition to gravity for optimal movements.

Movement Lesson™ Astro therapy - Child:    $90.00

Learn the tips and tricks to help your child move into tomorrow.  Astro Therapy or Movement Lesson™ session shows you how to target realistic transitions into functional movement to help your child grow and develop!