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​Here at Movement Lesson™, we focus on each and every child's unique abilities of processing movement and momentum by addressing their lack of rotation, balance or counter-balance. We aim to enhance and stimulate every movement that your child presents. Any diagnosis or trauma that a child or person has experienced can benefit with Movement Lesson™. 

Did you come here to help your child grow and develop?ML™ is a specific approach to optimize an individuals movements through touch. By assessing any weakness in the initiation of movement. ML™ can identify and reinforce rotation within an action, increasing range of motion. ML™ application uses three key steps - initiate, stimulate and enhance functional development.​

Parent and Professional Training

Learn Movement Lesson™ for your home or create a career that can take you around the world. Learn to help everyone with Michelle Turner's personal touch.

If you are concerned, please call us at 1(602) 909-2565 to discuss your options.

Concerns for Functional Vision

With or without a diagnosis, vision is the key sense that effects all aspects of your child's development. Check for yourself with a self assessment.

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“parent training is like SUMMER CAMP!”

Parent training is one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made. Michelle makes it very affordable. As a result, I, from Idaho, have been able to travel to Arizona with my child and gain valuable skills in helping my child achieve baby milestones that she would not have done otherwise. READ MORE

Movement Lesson™ offers the following opportunities:

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  • Newborn Movement Assessment™
  • Foundations in Touch

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