We're here to help you learn how to help your child move through a gentle, powerful touch. One week, ten Movement Lesson™ sessions, new possibilities. 

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Newborn Movement Assessment 

a step-by-step guide to your babies beginning movements. The NMA gives you your baseline and Movement Lesson™ gives your baby the chance to enjoy more manageable milestones. 

Are you ready to help your child's ability to move with the Movement Lesson™ Parent Training? Or challenge your profession by helping the world to be a Movement Lesson™ Practitioner.

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Movement Lesson

"A unique therapy that is changing the way infants and children receive help to develop successfully throughout the world.”

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There is no better time to learn how to help someone to move than right now. Learn the foundations of the Movement Lesson™ touch so you can help those around you today!

7 Essentials for Working with Special Children

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“parent training is like SUMMER CAMP!”

Parent training is one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made. Michelle makes it very affordable. As a result, I, from Idaho, have been able to travel to Arizona with my child and gain valuable skills in helping my child achieve baby milestones that she would not have done otherwise. READ MORE

Baby Basics give your baby all the movement needed to thrive through their functional developmental movements. Learn how your baby initiates, stimulates and enhances their ability to learn and develop.

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Newborn Movement Assessment