Movement Lesson

Because Life Moves When You Do

'Every child with special needs should visit Michelle.' - Robin G.


A one hour Movement Lesson is an alternative to chiropractic manipulations, non-invasive and very gentle.

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Michelle has a new subscription video website. Did you want to learn more about how she does a Movement Lesson? Did you want to know how she touches? Go to Baby Movement Lesson.

I recently gave to Movement Lesson sessions to a new client. Look at what he learns in two hours!

First Movement Lesson

Second Movement Lesson

How does your baby learn to see?

Recently, Michelle gave Movement Lessons to a baby from birth to nine weeks old. In this video, she shows you how your child's eyes develop in during the first month.

Michelle helps children with special needs & adults from around the world to move with ease. Move beyond the diagnosis to reveal the possibilities for an improved quality of life through movement integration.

Whether you suffer from back pain, neck pain, aging-related pain, sports-related injuries, loss of flexibility and movement, loss of vitality, or any other condition that limits your ability to function and perform, a Movement Lesson can help you to discover new possibilities and achieve a richer and more rewarding life.

A one hour Movement Lesson is the gentlest touch your body will ever receive. Babies to seniors quickly learn their body’s possibilities of movement they could never achieve on their own.

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