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Give Yourself a Movement Lesson

Michelle  shows how you can improve muscle function and movement through the pelvic region. This video was made for a client that has a colostomy but it's for anyone with problems with abdominal functions.

A one hour Movement Lesson™ is an alternative to chiropractic manipulations, non-invasive and very gentle. 

Catch a unique glimpse into your infant's brain with this comprehensive guide that is designed to help you determine both short- and long-term developmental concerns.

Newborn Movement Assessment™ (NMA) not only provides parents and professionals with the ability to assess an infant's movement patterns, but also supplies the necessary tools to stimulate optimal movement through gentle touch. 

Newborn Movement Assessment

Help your baby thrive by learning how to assess infant movement patterns and stimulate optimal movement through gentle touch with this comprehensive guide for parents and professionals alike.

Movement Lesson
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