Give Yourself a Movement Lesson

Michelle  shows how you can improve muscle function and movement through the pelvic region. This video was made for a client that has a colostomy but it's for anyone with problems with abdominal functions.

People compliment that I have a so called sixth sense or an intuition for finding causes and symptoms throughout their bodies. I listen to how a body is moving and functioning though a specific, therapeutic touch that I call Movement Lesson ™ or a lesson in how to move with ease. 

A one hour Movement Lesson™ is an alternative to chiropractic manipulations, non-invasive and very gentle. 

How does your baby learn to see?

I came to the conclusion that I was touching differently than those around me doing similar yet different therapy techniques. Upon the realization that I could manipulate the central nervous system of my clients in a different manner that my son and most of my clients were used to experiencing.

Learning to Move and Talk

As a Movement Integration Specialist, I've been working with children and adults from around the world. These clients might have movement complications from minor to severe disabilities due to a disorder, trauma or a combination of movement complications. 

Learn with Michelle through her instructional videos. Did you want to learn more about how she does a Movement Lesson™? Did you want to know how she touches? Go to Baby Movement Lesson.